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Correctional Practitioner Resources From The US Department Of Energy

Alice Dasek, a Policy Advisor for the US Department of Energy, presented a multitude of resources available within the scope of sustainable building practices associated with the green initiative. Resources addressed in her presentation included information and assistance around assessing building energy performance, examples of correctional projects that have achieved significant energy savings, resources and options for funding energy retrofits, information around specific technologies, and opportunities for connecting with fellow practitioners about best practices and lessons learned. For more information and resources from Alice on how to make the green transition - including a step-by-step process of the transition from high energy usage to more efficient and sustainable practices with included tangible incentives- click on the link below.

Dasek, A. G. (2016). Partnering with DOE for a clean energy economy. [PowerPoint slides].

Alice DOE Powerpoint ACA New Orleans 2016
Download PPTX • 7.51MB

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