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GreenPrisons Discussion And Blog Now Accepting Members!

Talk of green prisons, energy efficient jails, and eco-friendly correctional standards continue as natural resources are depleted and incarceration rates increase. Discussion related to the need, value, and what is working for correctional institutions can be found in, “Prisons Going Green” by Michael Pittaro, and is further stimulated by NIC’s Green Corrections Challenge”. As the correctional industry pathway becomes more focused on green initiatives, wants to open the communication between practitioners.

Join the discussion on sustainability in correctional institutions, or share your agency’s path toward green in our new blog segment! Get first-hand accounts of specific green products being used in institutions across the country. Hear the cost, the return, and all the benefits or drawbacks that go along with each product. There is no better way to determine the best approach for your institution, then by collaborating with other professionals who know and understand daily practices and standards in a correctional setting.

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