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GreenPrisons Welcomes Another New Sponsor

GreenPrisons recently welcomed K. B. Industries Inc. (KBI) as our latest sponsor. Although relatively new to corrections they are already off to a great start with new projects going on around the country.

KBI created Flexi®-Pave in 2001, the world's first flexible porous paving and offers a comprehensive suite of proven products and solutions to solve the toughest infrastructure challenges.

KBI Flexi®-Pave utilizes recycled automobile tires as the base ingredient, mixed with a granite aggregate and our proprietary binding agent. KBI products include Flexi®-Pave, Flexi®-Mulch, Flexi®-Pothole and Flexi®-drain. The product has a porosity rate of 2400 gallons of water per square foot per hour which addresses stormwater management and eliminates pooling and ponding of water in low spots, parking lots and sidewalks in and around the prison. Due to its flexibility, it will not lift or crack like concrete or asphalt.

KBI Develops New Correctional Green Partnership Program (CGPP)

KBI has made a full commitment to correctional agencies including their willingness to partner with correctional industries to provide new work and inmate training opportunities.

Through KBI’s Correctional Green Partnership Program (CGPP) and as part of their growing correctional initiative, GreenPrisons have adapted their installation processes to include offender training and certification as a cost saving approach for the agency and a re-entry program for short term offenders into new infrastructure construction markets.

This program allows our CGPP partners to order KBI Flexi®-Pave products direct; saving labor costs and allowing the work to be scheduled within their timeframe.

Program Benefits:

  • A sustainable footprint for the correctional facility, thus complying with ACA Standard 4-4003-1.

  • The correctional agency is provided with access to KBI’s sustainable porous paving solution products at CGPP rates.

  • Inmates have the option of becoming involved in the emerging sustainable construction industry, utilizing KBI’s products.

  • Trained inmates will be able to install KBI products at their own facility.

  • The facility can offer KBI product installations by certified inmates, outside of the facility to local municipalities and other groups.

  • Once released, inmates can be recruited by KBI’s expanding contractor network throughout the United States.

GreenPrisons had the opportunity to attend a recent demonstration of the program at the Shelby County Detention Center in Memphis, TN. Under the direction of KBI founder Kevin Bagnall, and Shelby County Operations Deputy Bailey Waits, a cohort of six female inmates were trained in the installation of the Flexi-Pave material and subsequently completed several small repair projects around the facility.

To watch a brief PowerPoint of the installation click on the button below. Future projects in planning include more than 3,000 tree surrounds for downtown Memphis and a variety of walkway projects throughout the city’s largest park. All projects will be completed by offenders under the direction of Detention Center employees.

Shelby County Detention Center Install
Download PPT • 12.70MB

To learn more about KBI’s Correctional Green Partnership Program contact Kevin Bagnall at 727-723-3300 or email

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