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IVS Exhibits At NY State Jail Administrators Conference

Tom Gilardi along with Butch Maki, CEO of Integrated Veteran’s Services (IVS) exhibited at the recent New York state Jail Administrator’s Conference. They brought along with them the Ecovim 66 Dehydrator to demonstrate how dehydration technology works. Conference participants were impressed with the compact size of the unit and its ability to eliminate up to 90% of the food waste from the jail waste stream. The 10% left behind can be repurposed in a number of ways including as a compost or animal feed thus eliminating 100% of a facilities food waste without a need for a large and unsanitary dumpster or compactor.

For more information about all of the Ecovim products and ways you can reduce your food waste stream by up to 90% contact Tom Gilardi at 804-334-7873.

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