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Marion County (KY) Saves All Kinds Of Resources…Including People

Typically when we talk about saving resources here at GreenPrisons we are talking about energy or water or managing waste more effectively. But Jailer Barry Brady of the Marion County Detention Center has proven it can be about people too.

Typically when we talk about saving resources here at Brady was the first jailer to be awarded an NIC technical assistance grant to assess his facility in an effort to put together a sustainability plan to help him prioritize infrastructure improvements. Now in the third year of that plan he has made a number of improvements including tankless water heaters, Icon water management controls and new lighting.

During the same period he has implemented drug rehabilitation programs in an effort to address Kentucky’s growing sustainability problem. In a recent television interview conducted by WHAS TV in Louisville Brady articulated his belief that these types of programs are critical to reducing the demand for drugs and the number of individuals who continue to return to his jail. To learn more about these programs check out the interview here.

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