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Oregon DOC Sustainability Updates

The Oregon Department of Corrections can always be counted on for some amazing accomplishments as documented by their Sustainability Manager, Chad Naugle. See the results of their most recent efforts from Chad’s email below.

  • Today, USFWS dropped off 813 Taylor’s Checkerspot eggs. There will be another delivery in the next couple days to bring the total larva to 1,000. I attached some pictures of the Butterfly Lab Technicians counting the egg clusters with the assistance of their digital microscope. The eggs will hatch in the next several days and the crew will be feeding the caterpillars with Plantego leaves. Here is a link to the Oregon Zoo’s rearing program with the different stages of the Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly. CCCF Butterfly Recovery Lab will take care of these caterpillars until the reach their chrysalis stage. This is when the USFWS will collect the pupa and take them back to their protected habitat before they hatch into a butterfly. Once they lay eggs, we’ll start the process all over again. Special thanks to Rhonda Naseth from the Oregon Zoo for heading up this program and Richard Szlemp for USFWS for collecting and delivering the eggs.

  • More energy project updates:

  • In October, EOCI began replacing the entire existing interior Wall & Ceiling Pack lighting, and High Mast lighting throughout the Institution. These projects were divided into four separate projects that were completed in December. Here is the annual energy savings for the projects:

· Phase 1 Wall Pack Project: Estimated annual energy savings of 33,161 kWh, Estimated annual cost savings of $2,239

· Phase 2 Wall Pack Project: Estimated annual energy savings of 23,670 kWh, Estimated annual cost savings of $1,598

· High Mast Yard Lights: Estimated annual energy savings of 51,156 kWh, Estimated annual cost savings of $3,454

· Exterior Stairs & Bollard Lights: Estimated annual energy savings of 63,069 kWh, Estimated annual cost savings of $4,259

Total Energy Savings = 171,056 kWh

Total Cost Savings = $11,550

  • This month, OSCI reduced the amount of indoor lighting fixtures above their basketball courts (Multi-building) from 25 fixtures (6,250 kWh total) to 10 LED fixtures (1,250 kWh).

  • On May 16th, adults in custody at WCCF received science lecture about Oregon fish, from guest lecturer, Dr. William Pearcy, Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University in the College of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (picture attached). Dr. Pearce spoke about how Oregon salmon begin their lives far up our rivers and streams eating small insects and plankton, before they are big enough to travel downstream to coastal waters. There, they spend 2-3 years feeding smaller fish before beginning their spawning journey back to the very same stream where they were hatched. Once they’ve completed their goal of mating, the salmon die and their decomposing bodies nurture generations of salmon, and other wildlife. Inmates learned about how Oregon salmon are an important species for healthy, functioning ecosystems and our economy and how these amazing animals are facing many threats both in their natal streams and the ocean. Dr. Pearce’s lecture is part of a monthly Sustainability Lecture Series supported by DOC and Institute for Applied Ecology, a non-profit in Corvallis, Oregon

For more information contact Chad Naugle at:

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