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The Federal Bureau Of Prisons Makes A Move In Energy Efficiency

The Administrative United States Penitentiary Thomson (AUSP Thomson) is making plans toward implementing an energy and water conservation project that will save them upwards of $33 million with the assistance of an energy savings performance contract. The savings generated through sustainable practice has caught the attention of correctional agencies around the country as they strive to better their institutions with cost-effective resources available outside of the traditional operating budget. AUSP will execute many energy related applications and come out ahead in operating costs with the included benefit of promoting sustainable practice. For more information on AUSP’s plan click here.

GreenPrisons is here to provide FREE assistance and support to correctional professionals that are ready to explore sustainable solutions for their institutions. Join in the discussion on green solutions and learn more about the practical application of sustainable products within a correctional environment. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you in advancing your institution through sustainability while expanding your budget.

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