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ACA Green Aisle Continues to Grow

At its Inception last summer there were 12 booths set aside for exhibitors of sustainable products and services. Ultimately 11 of them were filled. This establishment of a dedicated area for one type of product exhibitor was unprecedented in recent ACA history. The idea was that new, smaller vendors would feel less isolated and that participants could come to one area to see everything there was to see about sustainability.

With a great marketing effort by ACA this first attempt was an unqualified success with exhibitors and participants alike. The success of the previous summer’s Green Aisle saw it expand to 22 booths at the Winter Conference in Long Beach in 2015 and expand yet again to 32 booths at the recently concluded Congress of Correction In Indianapolis. Click here to see a list of exhibitors.

This exponential growth speaks volumes to not only the interest by correctional practitioners in sustainable products and services but to the value exhibitors place in this form of marketing.

Space at the Winter conference is more limited, down to 30 booths, based on the configuration of the hall, and a number of the booths are already reserved. Interested exhibitors should reach out now to Caitlin Mann at ACA at to reserve their booth today before they are sold out.

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