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GreenPrisons Visits Lafayette Parish Jail

We have featured the Lagayette Parrish Detention Center in both this newsletter and a webinar on GreenPrisons in the past. The jail has an active industry program and its new pre-release ceter and staff training facility is designed with all theses sustainable in mind.

When Jail Administrator Rob Reardon was kind enough to open up his new facility for a tour CEO and Founder of GreenPrisons couldn't say no. The tour of the facility was led by Captain Colby Barbier who was responsible for many of the unique energy saving applications in the new buildings. When we toured the facility in April it was going through a punch list and was not occupied at the time of our visit so we got the chance to see all of its state of the art technology. This facility not only contains a state of the art training center that will serve the entire sheriff’s department but it also will house offenders who are in pre-release status and who man the agency’s road crews as well as operate a number of its industries including mattress manufacture and compostable plastic bags.

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